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​​Summer Schedule: The gallery will be closed July 29th - September 7th. We reopen on September 8th at 5:30 pm for Nosta Glaser's show and will resumeregular gallery hours. See below.

ARTISTS                                      SHOW DATES                                  

Gloria Harrelson                                      October 2016

Janice Trusky                                         November 2016                             

David T Miller                                              March 4th - April 13th 2017

Josephine G. Viviani                                     April 22nd - May 27th 2017

Lynne Horoschak                                         June 3rd - June 30th 2017

Annelies van Dommelen                               July 8th -  August 12th 2017

Stefania Luciani                                          September 9th - October 4th 2017

Group Invitational Show                              October 14th - November 11th 2017

Tom Csaszar                                               November 16th - December 21st  2017

Debs Bleicher                                              January 6th - February 3rd 2018

​Lynne Jones Dietze  and  

Rinal Parikh                                                February 16th - March 15th 2018

Richard Metz and Mikel Elam                       April 21st - May 26th 2018

​Carl Cellini                                                  June 2nd - June 23rd 2018

Second Annual Montgomery Studio Tour      June 9th and 10th 2018

Lynette Shelley                                           June 30 - July 28th 2018 

Nosta Glazer                                               September  8th - October 13th   2018

Carol Phy Blankmeyer and Ann Brening       October 19th - November 17th   2018

​​Gallery Hours

Tuesday 12 pm to 3 pm

Thursday  5 pm to 8 pm

​Saturday 1 pm to 4 pm

The gallery will close in August and reopen September 8th 2018